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ORE spa products have been on the market since 1996.
We import the best quality products directly from France, Israel (Dead Sea Works factory) and Canada, allowing us to offer competitive prices.

Our products are all natural and packed in cabin size format for professional spa treatments. Our brand products are sold mainly in north America and we are proud to say that even though we are still a growing company we have acquired a very extensive and prestigious cliental by offering them the best prices and efficient service

Green practices in the treatment room
With more and more emphasis on our environmental practices many spa goers are requesting "green" therapies. Although this seems like a new trend in the spa industry many of our spa treatments date back to the Cleopatra era.

Since the dawn of time, natural products have been used not only for beauty and wellness but also to improve the health of human beings. Some of the treatments we already use in our spas can be re-marketed as "green therapies". Spa guests are more aware now than ever about what they are putting on and in their bodies.

If you are a spa therapist or spa owner who wishes to cash in on green therapies and offer spa menu choices that are beneficial for the mind and the body.

Here is a few ways in which you can do so.

  • Use natural skin care products: Dead Sea Salt, Mud or Water.
  • Use products offering preservatives from plant parabens as apposed to those synthetically such as: Coffee or Cocoa beans.
  • Offer custom blending of essential oils with Cranberry or Grape.
  • Don't forget the more traditional care sessions like Brittany Seaweed.
  • Serve only fruits and vegetables as part of your spa menu.
  • Personalize your body care, use your resources and get creative about a spa menu you and your spa guests can feel good about.

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